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Learn How a Blue Collar CEO is Connecting Investors with Advisors
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How Does Work?

Increase your exposure on the largest retirement Network online – over 2500 retirement and financial websites!

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» View network traffic is the premier destination for financial advisors to be seen on the internet via our exclusive online directory and top level domain name. Financial Advisors can extend the reach and frequency of their marketing message using our behavioral targeting approach.

Qualified consumers are actively seeking the services of Financial Advisors on our Network of over 2500 retirement and financial-related websites. Baby Boomers find by performing searches on all major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, MSN,

The Network is approaching 5 million organic online visitors in 2009 and has recorded well over 3 million visitors in 2008 from retirement and financial-related searches online.

Join Now Pricing Financial advisors and insurance specialists call (734) 751-1309 for more information.

The Premier Client Source For Financial Advisors

Finally there's an easy and affordable way to attract the most affluent and qualified clients. allows you to...

  • Consistently reach millions of Baby-Boomers a year, needing your financial services
  • Put your services in front of millions of qualified prospects who come to you from our network of over 2500 websites
  • Stop wasting money using ineffective and expensive offline marketing techniques, and be smart with financial advisor innovative integrated marketing online
  • Land affluent prospects performing searches from major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and more
  • Reach 25.3 million 60+ folks who'll be internet users, by 2011 allows you to tap into the fastest growing market in the U.S. population.

Join Now Pricing Financial advisors and insurance specialists call (734) 751-1309 for more information.

The Clients That Really Grow Your Business

Let's face the facts. Finding the right clients in this marketplace can be extremely difficult. It's one thing for people to need a Financial Advisor, but can you consistently land clients able to pay your well earned fees? The Baby Boomers are the fastest growing and affluent population in the country. Consider these facts from

Fact #1: Internet as a Tool
By 2011 68.3 million Baby-Boomers will be using the internet. These folks are becoming more internet savvy. They're using it to purchase medications, vacations, homes and financial services.

Fact #2: Wealth Control
Here's a financial secret you don't know. There are 78 million Americans 50 years and older, who control 67% of our wealth. This comes out to $28 trillion.

Fact #3: More Disposable Income
The 50+ population has $2.4 trillion in annual income. This accounts for 42% of all after-tax income. With this kind of revenue lying around, they need you to help them plan their finances.

Fact #4: More Wealth
Our "Seasoned Citizens" have more wealth than the rest of the country. It only makes sense to use as your primary marketing source. Where else will you specifically reach the most affluent market for Financial Advisors?

Join Now Pricing Financial advisors and insurance specialists call (734) 751-1309 for more information.

Valuable Reasons to Join Now

Here are some reasons our new site will help you find qualified clients.

An Exclusive Directory
Our site is a powerful directory for Financial Advisors. We're rated #1 on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others for thousands of relevant key words and phrases. This means prospective Baby Boomers who need your financial services will find you right away.

Personalized Marketing
In these tough financial times, prospects are looking for credibility and experience. You can upload an interactive video of yourself. List your credentials, organization experience and background. You can establish expertise and trust, by easily uploading your financial articles and client testimonials.

Dominant Web Presence
As a member of you'll be seen on over 2500 financial and retirement sites! These sites include:,,, and a whole lot more. This is especially lucrative if you have a special niche financial service.

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Technical Support
You don't have to be a financial advisor computer wiz to use this site. As a member you'll have online access and professional support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Powerful Partnerships
You'll direct more traffic to your business, through more than 600 affiliates and other strategic content partners. Their goal is to optimize customer experience to your business. Some other strategic content partners include, Senior Discounts, Retirement Homes, and many more. Your financial advisor business will catch the same traffic as CNN Money, MetLife, Fidelity, Smart Money and Bank of America.

Join Now Pricing Financial advisors and insurance specialists call (734) 751-1309 for more information.

Internet Savvy Prospects

Baby Boomers 50 and older are turning to the internet for everything. They desperately need information and help to manage their health and wealth. As a Financial Advisor the only cost effective way to reach this wealthy demographic is through the internet.

Long gone are the days of expensive mailers, business cards and special events. In 2008 there were 56.7 million Baby Boomers using the internet. This year that will jump to 57.4 million. In 2013 59.3 million or 78.7% of the population, will be using the internet.

With the financial crisis set to get worse, now's the time to reach qualified clients you can help today.

Qualified Clients For a Small Price

As a Financial Advisor you're watching your marketing budget. What is the LTV or long term value of one new client? Is it $2,000, $10,000 or more?

How much have you spent on other marketing techniques that have brought you little or no results? This exclusive service for Financial Advisors has three different memberships available. Each has the same benefits mentioned above. You can get a Premium Membership for $150, Premium Plus for $250, or Premium Advantage for $299.

These prices are nothing compared to one valuable client who'll continually need your services. And best of all they can afford it. Stop using old school marketing that does not produce results. Try the only financial marketing tool that'll bring you all the qualified clients you want. The smartest financial advisors will upload their profiles on multiple top notch financial advisor directories so why not list your business on the best domain name in the financial advisor industry.

Join our Financial Advisor Directory today! It's simple, targeted and affordable for every single Financial Advisor in the United States. One more thing you should know. This site is also a great tool for Insurance Agents. This is the "Future Marketing Tool" for serious Financial Advisors looking to build their businesses.

Join Now Pricing Financial advisors and insurance specialists call (734) 751-1309 for more information.

David Phillips is the CEO of Retirement Calculator, Inc. He owns and operates over 5000 websites online, including the largest portfolio of retirement domain names and websites in the country.

Clyde McDade is a Financial Copywriter. He's the author of the upcoming e-book, "How to Grow More Money for Your Retirement and Child's College Fund." He can be reached at