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Learn How a Blue Collar CEO is Connecting Investors with Advisors

Houston, TX

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  1. Michael J. Fitzgerald, CPA/PFS, CFP(R), MST Retirement Planning Texas
  2. Retirement Planning Texas - President
  3. Retirement Planning Texas - Fitzgerald Financial Partners, LLC
  5. 2500 City West Boulevard
    Suite 300
    Houston, TX 77042
  6. (713) 623-1353
  7. (866) 437-7769
  8. (866) 381-2198
  9. (866) 381-2198
  10. (832) 419-5237
Direct Contact Information
  1. Michael J. Fitzgerald, CPA/PFS, CFP(R), MST
Services Offered
  1. 401k Rollover From Employer
    Alternative Asset Class Planning
    Alternative Investments
    Annuity Ideas & Strategy Planning
    Asset Protection Strategies & Planning
    Business Income Tax Planning
    Business Succession & Liquidation Planning
    CD Alternative
    Education Funding & Financial Aid Planning
    Estate Tax Planning
    Fee Only Portfolio Management
    Fee-Only Comprehensive Financial Planning
    Hourly Financial Planning Engagements
    Income for Life/ Preserve Principal
    Individual Income Tax Planning
    Insurance & Risk Management Planning
    Investment & Portfolio Management
    Investment Consulting & Allocation Design
    Roth IRA
    QDRO Rollovers
    Long-Term Health Care Planning
    Pension for Highly Compensated Owners
    Planning For Personal Finances & Budgeting
    Portfolio Engineering
    Real Estate Investment Planning
    Retirement Income Accumulation Planning
    Retirement Income Distribution Planning
    Retirement Planning
    Stock Market Alternative
    Wealth Engineering
    Wealth Management
  1. "Without A Plan, Its Just Luck!" Michael J. Fitzgerald, CPA/PFS, CFP(R), MST
    Five Star Paladin Registry Advisor
    Wealth Management & Investment Advisory Services - Not Commission Products

    Fitzgerald Financial Partners, LLC offers complete custom solutions to all of your retirement & college funding needs. Don't wait any longer. Take charge of your future and provide for your and your families' security by contacting an Investment professional that cares about you and your family. If you have any chance of reaching retirement, you need to do something now.

    Complete retirement planning for all of your individual requirements...

    Total Holistic Retirement Planning - (We look at more than just stocks, bonds & cash or sell annuities or insurance products). We consult, we don't sell commission products!

    We focus on your goals and then construct a retirement income replacement platform focused on portfolio risk minimization, fee reduction, & tax recovery to help get you back on track to reach your personal goals.

    The creation of a holistic retirement plan generally entails a review of your present financial situation, the review of your current financial plan, the development of strategies based upon your own unique personal goals, and day-by-day assistance with the implementation of these recommendations, to help you reach your retirement dreams. Essentially, the process answers these questions:

    1. Where are you today?
    2. Where would you like to be in the future?
    3. How do you get there?

    Through an in-depth, highly personal review and analysis of each client's situation and goals, we are able to add value by applying our collective knowledge and understanding of multiple financial disciplines to each unique set of circumstances to keep you on the right track.

    Our understanding of each client's financial aspirations, goals, dreams and objectives also enables us to structure and manage life's challenges (Risk) tailored to each one of our client's needs.

    Financial planning is the process of identifying your goals and objectives, analyzing your resources, designing the most appropriate strategies to reach your goals, making the changes needed, and evaluating the results. Financial planning is most effective when all aspects of your financial life (such as your assets, cash flow and taxes) are considered on an integrated basis, but this is not retirement planning!

    This allows you to identify all the variables at play and to evaluate alternative strategies and their consequences on your retirement dreams.

    At Fitzgerald Financial Partners, our financial planning services will be tailored to meet your individual needs, not that of a commission driven sales person.

    Typically, we recommend a comprehensive retirement planning engagement to review all aspects of your overall financial situation. Occasionally, however, we find that it is more appropriate to limit our consulting services to address a specific planning issues and build on each engagement from there, in a systematic process.
  2. Fitzgerald Financial Partners offers complete custom "Fee-Only" solutions to all your personal and business retirement and wealth management needs. You can not plan in a vacuum.

    Fitzgerald Financial Partners is a Houston, Texas based "Fee-Only" Investment Advisory & Wealth Management Services Firm. Our only source of compensation are the fees that are paid to us by our clients for the advice and training that we provide. "Fee-Only" advisors do not sell products or receive commissions. Being "Fee-Only" eliminates the potential conflict of interest when brokerage houses, insurance companies, and banks that offer a higher commission to their agents for selling one product over another. If you are looking for an advisor to trade stocks, that is not retirement planning, and that is now what we do. We focus on your retirement time line or investment portfolio for the benefit of your goals and not that of the agents and institutions, who pay their commissions or profit.

    In reality, a financial plan is a continuous process, not a one-time event. Can you imagine only getting one grade through college, (Pass or Fail) as you opened you dipolima? Of course not, you needed to find out how you were doing along the way and make ajustments as necessary each quarter to make sure that you were still on track to graduate. This is the same way we help you manage your finances, as changes arise in your personal or economic situation, or your goals change as you get older, your plan should be reviewed and updated to reflect their impact on your overall goals and whether the plan will work from the start. We are here to help with either implementation or the update of your plan, if you so desire. We will not just manage securities, we manage your entire personal balance sheet and networth to help you achieve your goals.

    Fitzgerald Financial Partners is committed to following the six-step financial planning process established by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. (CFP Board)® . A step-by-step overview of the process follows:

    1. Initial consultation
    2. Data gathering and goal setting
    3. Analysis of current situation relative to goals
    4. Plan development and presentation
    5. Implementation
    6. Monitoring

    1. Initial consultation
    The initial consultation is designed to establish the planner-client relationship through a discussion of:

    -The services provided and compensation structure
    -Identifying planner and client responsibilities
    -Defining or limiting the scope of the engagement
    -Determining the time frame of the engagement

    2. Data gathering and goal setting
    Through an interview process and questionnaire, we gather data regarding your current financial situation and goals. The data acquired in this step should provide us with enough information to do:

    -A quantitative and qualitative overview of your current financial situation.
    -Set specific goals and objectives that are prioritized (time frame) and quantified (measurable).

    Examples of goals would be: capital needs analysis for retirement at a certain age, capital needs for your children's future education expenses.

    3. Analysis of current situation relative to goals
    Your current financial situation will be analyzed to determine the adequacy of resources available to achieve your financial goals. We will determine if there is a short fall in your resources compared to your specific goals. This may include a review and evaluation of general financial status, special needs, insurance and risk management, investments, taxation, employee benefits, retirement, and/or estate planning. This may include the preparation of financial statements to include a cash flow and net worth statement.

    4. Plan development and presentation
    We will develop a financial plan providing a current and projected analysis of your financial situation which is consistent with the scope of the engagement agreed upon. Depending on the scope of the engagement, a presentation will be accomplished in one or more meetings, either in person on through a conference call. Recommendations and/or strategies are presented which are tailored to your specific goals, values, financial strengths and weaknesses, needs and risk tolerances. Typically, during the initial "presentation meeting" we will present a "draft" plan and discuss the recommendations and an action list that would be necessary to implement the recommendations. The plan is considered to be a "draft" to provide you the opportunity to review the assumptions used in its development. Based upon the discussion in this meeting, plan assumptions may be changed and additional scenarios analyzed. If an additional "presentation meeting" is required, the final plan recommendations and action list will be presented and discussed.

    5. Implementation
    You will be provided a list of prioritized implementation steps and their required timing. Implementation may also include coordinating with other professionals for areas in which Fitzgerald Financial Partners does not provide services or products recommended in your plan. Depending on the scope of services provided in the engagement, this may include professionals that can assist you with insurance, mortgage financing, income taxes, and/or estate planning documents. Our goal is to work with your existing advisors or to introduce you to competent advisors to help you develop and implement strategies that are coordinated to achieve maximum effectiveness for your overall plan. If you do not have an advisor in a certain planning area, we will refer you to other professionals that we have relationship with.

    6. Monitoring
    Monitoring the plan includes a periodic review to assess whether the recommendations and/or strategies are effective, as well as to consider the impact of changes in your personal or economic situation. Reviews generally should occur at least once per year, unless your situation has changed. (i.e., new child, new home, new job, spending more than $15 thousand, please contact us to determine if there is a better way to transact the deal).
  3. Retirement Planning & Financial Planning, Tax Minimization For Pre & Post Retirees

    1. Focused On 100% Retirement Income Replacement
    2. Fee-Only Holistic Financial & Retirement Planning Designed Around Your Goals
    3. Real Estate Consulting & Eight Asset Class Total Portfolio Diversification Strategies

    The Vision of Our Firm is Simple...
    To Help You Replace 100% of Your Income In Five Years

    We believe that the following are the key components to successfully achieving your life's goals and obtaining a financially secure retirement with Fitzgerald Financial Partners.

    Understanding your life's goals and aspirations and then develop a holistic plan to achieve them in a scheduled time frame based on your goals and objectives:

    You must Trust in our advice.

    We will help you integrate and align all your actions with your retirement goals and personal aspirations.

    Integrity in our dealing with our clients.

    We measure your success in terms of achieving your goals and not in rates-of-return.

    We strive to develop long-term and mutually beneficial relationships in the community.

    We help you achieve your financial goals by investing in a diversified portfolio that has an appropriate amount of risk as well as finding ways to reducing fees and minimizing the exposure to taxes.

    We help you to obtain at least a basic understanding of your retirement planning needs and requirements and what will be necessary to implement your plan.

    We use the services of competent professionals when you need them and demand that they are focused on your personal success.

    What Is Fee-Only?

    Fitzgerald Financial Partners, is a Houston, Texas based Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisory & Wealth Management Services Firm specializing in helping pre-retirees replace 100% of their income in a 5 year period.

    My only source of compensation is from the fees that are paid to me by my clients for helping them plan their futures, and helping them to stay on track. Fitzgerald Financial Partners, LLC's Fee-Only advisors do not sell products or receive commissions. "Fee-only" advisors are different from "fee-based" advisors, in the fact that fee-based advisors sell products, and receive commissions for selling investment products, that they recommend, while also offering piece-meal project financial planning and investment advice.

    Being "Fee-Only" eliminates this potential conflict of interest when brokerage houses, insurance companies, and banks offer a higher commission to their agents or brokers for selling one product over another. Watch out for anyone that does not want to act in your best interest. They will sell you the flavor of the week, if it pays the highest commission or offers some sort of company bonus. Always seek out a second opinion, I know that if someone told me that I was going to die and they magically had the cure, I would at least get a second opinion before I committed to something that I did not understand.

    Always ask your advisor if they are held to a fiduciary standard, and then have them put it in writing.

    Ask them how they are compensated and do they get any extra bonuses or trips for selling you any of their recommendations.

    Ask them if they have a conflict free relationship, where there obligated by law to look out for your best interests, not that of their company or commission.

    Fees Paid by the Client

    The different fee structures that are offered by Fitzgerald Financial Partners, LLC, are designed to provide a fair market value of our services for our clients who all have different needs, be it income replacement, wealth accumulation or wealth preservation.

    The purpose of the different fee structures is to reflect the clients who simply want individual financial advice on specific questions or topics, or the clients who want advice and/or implementation on a specific project or goal, and the client who wants on-going planning advice on their portfolio and help reaching their goals.

    For example, three clients may have identical income and net worth, but completely different tax problems and require different planning and services to help them achieve their goals.

    As President and Founder of Fitzgerald Financial Partners, LLC a Houston, Texas based Fee-Only Investment Advisory & Wealth Management Service Firm, I am paid a fee for the financial and investment advisory services and advice that I provide. Because I do not receive any commissions for the services I offer, my clients can rest assured that they are receiving truly unbiased advice. I pride myself on being value-added to my clients, were their success is my number one mission. I help them to look at the big picture and really focus on getting from Point A to Point B.

    The Different Pricing Options Are:

    Financial Plan Only (Accepted on a case-by-case basis)

    The fee for a stand-alone financial plan with no further help, advice, or implementation by the advisor is an hourly or a project fee. These services will range in fees from ($350 an hour for a licensed professional, to $65 for non-licensed administrative assistant).

    Half of this fee is billed at the beginning of our relationship when the engagement letter has been signed and, the other half is payable when the plan is presented for draft review. This fee can range depending on the complexity of your overall financial situation, and the number of scenarios that you would like us to test. The average comprehensive financial plan can take anywhere from 5 to 40 hours to complete and present.

    Hourly or Project Fee

    An hourly fee may be charged for consultation, planning, or investment advice, on an ad hoc basis. On some occasions, a flat fee will be charged for a specified project, (i.e., Real Estate Investing Consulting). The advice given is for that meeting or project only and no on-going help, advice, or implementation is required by the advisor after the meeting or project has ended unless agreed to in advance according to the engagement letter.

    Half of this fee is billed at the beginning of our relationship, when the engagement letter is signed and, the other half if payable when the project is substantially completed, or through milestone payents. This fee can range depending on the complexity of your overall financial situation. Please contact us if you have a specific question or concern.

    Net Worth Management Fee

    A first year management fee is based on a planning fee of, income, and a weighted percentage of net worth or set by specific program requirements (Wealth By Design Program). This fee is billed quarterly in advance, based on Fitzgerald Financial Partners, LLC's ADV disclosed fee schedule and adjusted yearly for any under or over billings once the total amount of Net Worth managed through out the year is determined. Their is an option to have this amount paid monthly, quarterly or by credit card.

    Advisory Services (Asset Management Services)

    The management of assets is covered by a separate Investment Management Fee Schedule, which has a tiered billing structure, based on the amount of assets that will be managed by Fitzgerald Financial Partners, LLC. See ADV Part II for an explanation of our fee arrangement, or please contact Fitzgerald Financial Partners, LLC, and we will send you a copy of our Management Fee Schedule for your review, as well as a copy of our Form ADV as required by law.

    Tax Deductible Fees (Go get a good CPA)

    The fees you pay Fitzgerald Financial Partners, LLC, may be a tax deductible item on your Schedule A, (line 22 miscellaneous expenses greater than 2%), Schedule C (if appropriate) or corporate expenses if offered as a benefit to executives and/or employees, Schedule E (if appropriate) if related to real estate management or to real estate professionals.
  4. Isn't It time you got a second opinion about your wealth?

    Selected as a FIVE STAR: Best in Client Satisfaction Houston Wealth Manager in the upcoming September 2009 issue of Texas Monthly Best Wealth Managers 2009

    Featured instructor at the 2009 Texas A&M University's Entrepreneur Boot Camp For Disabled Veterans (EBV) - Personal Financial Planning

    Featured in the January 22nd, 2009 issue of AICPA Wealth Management Insider Making it through retirement - How we can help our clients replace 100% of their income

    Featured in the upcoming book "Retire Rich With Your 401K Plan: A Complete Resource Guide, by Heather Kleba

    Interviewed in October, 2008 KURV AM 710 - The Daily Report With Colonel Ray Coughenour - 401(k) Plan Withdrawal Planning

    Interviewed by Dow Jones News Wire - October, 2008 - Retirement Planning

    Featured in the July 2008 issue of the CPA Wealth Provider - Spotlight on Fitzgerald Financial Partners

    Selected to the CPA Wealth Provider July 2008 Issue of Financial Planning Firms to Watch

    Selected to the 2007, 2008, & 2009 Guide To America's Top CPA Financial Planning Firms

    Featured on the front page of the August 4th, 2008 Issue of Accounting Today - How CPAs Can Help Baby Boomer Clients Reach Retirement

    Featured as a speaker at the Department of Labor Women'$ Wi$e Up Program - Financial Planning for Generation X & Y Women - Facing Financial Challenges in an Uncertain Economic Environment, Part II

    Interviewed in May 2008 KTRH AM 740 on Retirement Planning

    Presented at the March 2008 Aggie Reveille Networking Club on Real Estate and Retirement Planning for Aggies

    Selected to the 2007, 2008, & 2009 Guide To America's Top Financial Planners

    Honorable Discharged from the Military After 8 Years of Honorable Service

    Proud Fightin' Texas Aggie Veteran

    Retirement Planning & Financial Planning Houston Texas - Michael J. Fitzgerald, CPA/PFS, CFP(R), MST

    Our Credentials:

    Personal Financial Specialists Professional
    or PFS Professional?

    How does the PFS credential differ from other financial planning credentials, such as the Certified Financial Planner (CFP)®?

    CPAs topped the list of most trusted financial advisors on three separate independent reports edging out Certified Financial Planners, according to a recent survey issued by Amplitude Research, (January 2007). The PFS, unlike other credential programs, is awarded only to select number of CPAs (Certified Public Accountant) who are members in good standing with the AICPA. Accordingly, this Personal Financial Planning Specialist designation (PFS) represents the highest professional standards of any of the financial planning credentials available today and sets the PFS holder apart from other CPA financial planners. Only a CPA can be awarded the highest standard, the PFS (Personal Financial Specialist designation). In order to obtain the CPA license and this designation, (they must have at least 150 college credit hours with at least 36 of them being in accounting or tax, they must pass a 19 hour 2 day exam and have met a stringent work experience requirement). The PFS is the mark of excellence among those in the wealth management profession and is the credential only issued to the most experienced CPA Wealth & Financial Planners who have demonstrated their commitment to using only best practices and standards in financial planning. The CPA/PFS is the most respected and sought after designation in entire financial planning and wealth management community and with out becoming a trusted CPA, you will not get access to this level of knowledge.

    Why Should I Choose a CPA/PFS?

    All financial planners are not created equal. Many are only stock brokers or insurance agents, calling themselves financial advisors. You need to find a trusted fiduciary adviser to help you sort through, the complex financial decisions, that you must make and develop a sound strategy for a securing your retirement and financial future. The PFS designation was established for only the CPAs who specialize in individual personal financial planning and is awarded exclusively to AICPA members who have demonstrated considerable experience and expertise in the area of retirement and financial planning. As of today, the AICPA has granted only 3,800 CPA/PFS designation to CPAs through out the world who specialize in individual financial planning, out a total of 650,000 CPAs, and even less of these professionals have also obtained the Certified Financial Planner License, (CFP®), as well as a specialized Master of Science in Accounting Tax Consulting Track, or have become Registered Investment Advisors.

    A CPA must meet certain requirements before being awarded the CPA/PFS and meet re-credentialing requirements every three years in order to maintain their status as the most trusted financial advisor.

    You deserve only the best advice when planning for your retirement. Working with a CPA/PFS, CFP®, MST Retirement Planner must be able to assess your current financial situation, help you determine how to focus on what is most important to you, as well as, help you develop and monitor your retirement accumulation and distribution plan. You need someone you can trust and rely on to provide, objective, Fee-Only competent advice, without the conflicts of commission and prizes someone who has built his entire reputation on these very qualities.

    A CPA/PFS combines a century of trusted advice with today's cutting edge financial strategies to help you assess your current financial situation, define your financial needs and goals, and develop and monitor a plan to meet your goals. A CPA is considered the most trusted of all advisors, time and time again.

    Why not work with someone who focuses on your goals and then builds the plan to systematically replace 100% of your income.
Professional Credentials Listing
  1. Texas A&M University - Masters of Tax Consulting
    Texas A&M Univeristy - Bachelors of Business Administration - Accounting
    Blinn College - Associate of Science - Accounting
  2. 10
  3. CFP® - Financial Planning
    CPA® - Taxes
    PFS - Personal Financial Planning
    Masters of Tax - Texas A&M University Program For Professional Accountants (PPA)
  4. AICPA
    Local FPA
    Texas A&M Former Student Association
    Texas State CPA Society - Pro Real Estate Member
    Texas State CPA Society - Personal Financial Planning Section
    FPA Houston
    FPA National NexGen
    American Legion
    Texas A&M Howdy Club
    Texas A&M Veterans Association
Licensing and Compliance
  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. 65 - Fiduciary
  4. 142131
  5. Fitzgerald Financial Partners, LLC, nor its employees, are not engaged in the practice of law or as a public accounting, nor are they licensed to do so. This communication is not intended as any form of legal, tax or accounting advice, nor may it be construed or relied upon as such, by any taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding any tax penalties. Any taxpayer should seek advice based on the taxpayer's particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor or Investment Advisory Representative of a Registered Investment Advisor, under a formal engagement letter.


    Effective June 21, 2005, IRS guidance requires written tax advice intended for reliance to avoid IRS penalties include detailed recitals and exhaustive analysis of relevant facts, assumptions and Federal Tax Issues. To ensure compliance with the IRS requirements, we must inform you that any U.S. Federal Income Tax Advice in this document is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purposes of (i) avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code or (ii) promoting, marketing or recommending to another party any transaction or matter that is contained in this document. In accordance with IRS CIRCULAR 230, we must inform you that any U.S. Federal Tax Advice contained in this communication (including any attachments) is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used by a taxpayer, for the purpose of (a) avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code or that may otherwise be imposed on the taxpayer by any government taxing authority or agency, or (b) promoting, marketing or recommending to another party any transaction or matter addressed herein. Fitzgerald Financial Partners, LLC is not a registered as a Texas CPA Firm, nor does it hold itself out to be a registered CPA Firm to any parties.

    Always do your own due diligence before you invest in any type of asset.

Minimums and Compensation Arrangement
  1. $1,500.00
  2. None
  3. None
  4. Asset-based fee
    Fixed fee
    Hourly fee
    Net Worth-based fee
  5. Asset-based fee
    Fixed fee
    Hourly fee
    Net Worth-based fee
  6. Fixed fee
    Hourly fee
  7. What Plan is right for Your Retirement Goals?

    There are three different levels of the Wealth By Design Retirement Planning Service: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each version of our planning platform, is designed to solve specific needs related to our Pre-Retirement clients, based on their own individual psychological profiles and focused retirement and life goals. Fitzgerald Financial Partners believes that everyone's dreams and goals are unique, and therefore so should the plan that is right for them at the right time.

    The Silver Wealth By Design Plan is designed specifically for Pre-Retirees who want the plan, but want to do it themselves. This is for people who are 20+ years away from retirement. Wealth By Design Retirement Plan Silver will focus you on your goals and the needed return necessary to reach those goals. You will be able to identify if what you currently have will be enough to reach retirement. Pre-Retirees quickly and easily make a Wealth By Design Retirement Plan and follow the quarterly reminders to achieve their long-term wealth accumulation planning goals. This is the basic building block on all of the Wealth By Design Plans and involves either a piece meal approach or you can utilize the full 3 phase process.

    The Gold Wealth By Design Retirement Plan is designed for Pre-Retirees who want someone else to handle their daily investments, and provide quarterly progress reports and access to our training library. This process is similar to working with a Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor.

    The Platinum Wealth By Design Retirement Plan is the latest version in the Fitzgerald Financial Partners, planning suite and is focused on designing retirement income replacement services, while employing strategic tax minimization plans for achieving maximum wealth accumulation in a relative short period of time. This service is designed for clients that want someone to do it for them, as well as educate them and guide them to retirement.
Professional Services Offered
  1. Investment advisory services
    Planning services
    Tax Preparation
  2. Charitable
    Real Estate Consulting
  3. Asset allocation
    Asset management
    Money manager selection
    Performance reporting
    Strategy development
    Tax efficient strategies
    Written investment policy
    100% Retirement Income Replacement
  4. Yes
  5. Financial planning by the hour
    Financial tune-ups
    Pre-Retirement Check Ups
    College Funding Solutions